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Services I Offer


Face to Face Therapy

My clinic room has been recently renovated for your comfort with luxury seating, a hot drinks machine and a roaring fire.

Virtual Reality Treatment

I offer high spec virtual reality (VR) for helping you work through specific anxiety triggers such as fear of heights, driving or flying, as well as fear of public speaking. Just about any anxiety trigger is treatable using virtual reality. Call me to find out more.

Helicopter Cockpit
talking on phones

Telephone or Out of Hours Therapy

For those who can't get access to treatment for whatever reason, I offer treatment sessions that can be conducted over the telephone.

Evening and weekend appointments also available.

Call to find out more.

Some of the Conditions I Treat:

Depression                    Self Esteem

                       Anxiety                 Performance Anxiety           

   Social Anxiety                Sexual Problems

     Worry                          Weight Loss

      Phobias                      Health Anxiety

     Insomnia                     Panic Disorder

        Trauma                    Eating Disorders

                 Grief                  Relationship Difficulties

    OCD                          Asperger's

 ADHD                          Hoarding

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Hand on Laptop

Guided Self Help Tutorials

I am currently working in conjunction with YouCBT to deliver guided self-help tutorials aimed at those who are not able to access treatment due to limited access or resources.

These tutorials will guide you through specific areas of CBT treatment that are more like taught-techniques. I will be continually adding more material in the coming months. I offer 50% reduction for current or previous clients.

Click to find out more.


I am available to hire to deliver lectures or teaching sessions on all aspects of mental health, psychological wellbeing or recovery / treatment.

I am ready to help your workforce reach its full potential with teaching sessions or online guided self-help materials.

Call now to find out more.

Giving a Lecture
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