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About CBT Therapy

CBT psychotherapy is not the same as counselling or other forms of therapy.

Principally CBT is about treating psychological conditions using evidence-based techniques that have been tested rigorously in clinical trials. That is why CBT is recommended by NICE as the priority treatment for Depression and Anxiety conditions.

So here is how we can start things going:

In the first instance, I will need to speak with you on the phone just to make sure that your condition suits CBT as a treatment method and also to make sure that there are no risk issues that will make private treatment unsuitable.


After this we can arrange an initial consultation, during which I will ask a lot of questions to identify (with you) the condition that we will be treating, and at the end of this I will outline the treatment approach and timescale.


From the second session, we will commence treatment.


I meet a lot of people who believe that their condition is untreatable, and who are always astounded by the progress that is possible with CBT when provided by an accredited professional.


I am a specialist in Depression and Anxiety, including Phobias (using VR), Insomnia, Trauma, Traumatic Grief, Worry (GAD), OCD, Self-esteem, Social & Performance Anxieties, Health Anxiety, and Panic. Treating these conditions really does require a specialist approach, and my average time to full recovery is 12 sessions. For some conditions (e.g. Panic Attacks or Acrophobia) as little as 3 - 4 sessions!


Call now and we can discuss the transformation to the new-and-better-you.

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