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Dan Crawford CBT Therapy
Fully Qualified CBT Therapist and Mental Health Nurse

CBT Therapy in Harrogate

Are you struggling with a weight that pulls you to the floor? Are you feeling the pressures of life in a way that is more than you can stand? Are you stuck in a moment? Shaken? Afraid? Are you worried about the future? Unable to sleep? Unable to eat? Unable to enjoy the things you used to? Are you trapped in cycles of things you do and wish you didn't, or things you think and wish you wouldn't? Are you feeling unable to talk, reach out, or even to laugh or cry? Do friends and family seem far away? Are you feeling bullied or facing a decision that seems too much for you? Are you missing someone?

peaceful mountain landscape
Forest Trees

“The Best Time to Plant a Tree is Twenty Years Ago; The Second-Best time is Now.”
                                           Chinese Proverb

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